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ESDM, culture, context, and interdisciplinary collaborations 



        - class pilot project on facial expressions for happiness in Indian culture, compared to Western cultures

        - research assistant in a lab that explores the topics of stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination of

           women in STEM majors.


        - Participated, for 4 months, in a pilot study that investigated the application of ESDM therapy services,

           in a group urban setting, utilizing Project Construct art activities, embedded into a 2 year old inclusive


       -  Master's thesis hypothesized that due to the lack of cultural assessments when EIBI treatment packages

           are created, goals are not truly individualized to what is socially significant for that family.  Therefore, EIBI           

           treatments may fail to truly generalize learning across all settings, and family members may fail to apply 

           therapy at home and in the community because it doesn't focus on what is important and relevant to the family.




      -  Similarities and differences of approaches to disability topics and services between behavior analysis

          and disability studies.

      -   How language is used: the negative and positive reinforcements. 

      -   Perspective taking using compassionate listening and responding techniques to information that is either

          unknown to the listener or contrary to the listener's personal belief systems/worldview. 



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