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Music Class

As I shared, I'm a mother of two kids.  One is happy to start his freshman year of college, and the other - she's super excited to be a freshman in high school. I've learned what most mothers have figured out, kids learn best in different environments.  Kids are drawn to different interests.  And the best way to nurture a child and to enhance their learning is by using their interests as a teaching platform.  Why should college and the years beyond be the first time one gets to spend time on what matters most to them? 


So naturally, I've come across websites about all kinds of topics that pertain to kids and learning, etc.  Not all of them will flow naturally into one category.  And, again, links I provide is not an endorsement of all the content that is shared.  I don't have time to assess all post updates, and we are adults here.  You can decide what you think for yourself. :)  Anyway, enjoy browsing.  I hope one of them provides you some helpful content for one of your unique learners.

Julie's Music Recs for Kids:
A Little Bit of This and That
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